Do you like getting email?  I don't blame you.  But what if you could get emails that didn't suck?

The SPACE+TIME Continuum contains useful, simple ways to market and manage your business more effectively.

And then the guy with the booming infomercial voice says, "BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!  You also get tips on how to become tech-wise!  And social savvy!  At no extra charge!"

Except it's all laid out in plain English.  Not a bunch of techie gadget-head nerdspeak. 

But best of all, you won't get inundated with emails every week. You'll get a new issue every 1-2 months.  That's it.  Pinky swear.

So, whaddaya say?  Come on and join The SPACE+TIME CONTINUUM. Trust me, it's not as nerdy as it seems.

Don't worry, I hate spam as much as you do. Your personal info will be kept private.

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